What Scent Keeps Bed Bugs Away?

Essential OilsDid you know that certain insect species can be repelled by different essential oils? There are probably essential oils that would turn specific animal species in the other direction, right? Well, the same can be said for specific insect species including the prolific bed bug. Given the recent comeback that the bed bug has made in the Chicago Metro area, it doesn’t take a genius to see how this information could be immensely helpful. However, this is still a new theory and as with all things new, there is still bound to be lots of conflicting information on the Internet.

Essential Oil Bed Bug Deterrent

It pays to know the properties of each essential oil. And the scents you are considering utilizing to keep bed bugs at bay. This will give you an overall better understanding of the entire situation. Take this new bed bug repellent, for example. It is one that utilizes a replication of the nymph pheromone. It has proven quite effective since its inception in the Chicago pest control market. When you understand its properties, you will know exactly why this is the case. To start, adult male bed bugs are prolific breeders. They will breed with the adult female and attempt to breed with other males and baby nymphs. This is a process that oftentimes leads the nymph to secrete its very potent pheromone or adult male bed bug deterrent. The nymphs are naturally capable of secreting this pheromone that will keep the adult male at bay. While this scent is effective because that’s what it was naturally designed to do, there are some caveats.  The scent is only effective against adult males. It will do nothing to deter females or other baby nymphs.

Essential Oils – Natural Bed Bug Toxins

Pretty interesting stuff, right? It was interesting enough to get the attention of the United States Department of Agriculture. The government agency joined forces with researchers at Rutgers University to conduct more research. The studies would focus on essential oils as bed bug toxins. What they uncovered was equally interesting. Researchers discovered paraffin and silicone essentials oils were effective bed bug toxins. Within 24 hours over 90 percent of the bed bugs were eradicated. While essential oil scents have proven effective as repellents, there are some that are the more so than others. Some of more effective ones have proven to be blood orange oil, paraffin oil, silicone oil, and spearmint oil. All in all, these scent’s repellent properties are limited at best, so you probably do not want to rely wholeheartedly on them. Combine them with a variety of other repellent methods for the best possible results, or at least until you can get a professional Chicago pest management firm involved.

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