Carpenter Bees

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You may encounter a handful of stinging insects in the future. Although there are others, one of the most common stinging insects in our area is the carpenter bee. As the name implies, carpenter bees are going to sting. The good news is that carpenter bees are less aggressive than most stinging insects. They usually won’t sting people unless someone gets too close to their nest. Carpenter bees can grow over an inch and a half. You can determine the gender by looking at its color. If it is black, it is a female. Black and orange colors mean it is a male.

Reasons For Carpenter Bee Invasions

Carpenter bees approach homes because they’re looking for places to build nests. They are attracted to softwoods that haven’t been protected with a stain or paint. When they approach your property and find untreated softwoods, they’re going to build nests in the wood. Paint or stain the softwoods around your home to avoid potential problems.

Are these Pests Dangerous?

Carpenter bees can sting people from time to time, but they’re not as aggressive as other stinging insects. Female carpenter bees can sting since they have a stinger. Nevertheless, they tend to be docile when compared to male carpenter bees. You’ll find that male carpenter bees will aggressively defend their nests, but they cannot sting.

These pests are destructive though. When they build tunnels, they’re going to leave their larvae inside. Unfortunately, this will attract woodpeckers and lead to more destruction.

Getting Rid Of Carpenter Bees

You need to do what you can to eliminate the carpenter bees on your property. Don’t waste time using ineffective solutions. Although you have other options, we believe working with us is the best solution. We offer comprehensive pest control services and stinging insect solutions. We’re confident we can fix the problem quicker than anyone in your area.

Using DIY Treatments

Although you can try DIY methods, we believe it is best to stick with professional solutions. We’re here to help. Our services can eliminate these pests with precision. Our solutions are more efficient and effective than DIY products. Furthermore, we offer safer solutions. Work with us to avoid the risks and fix the problem right away.

We Offer Safer Solutions

We aim to provide our clients with the safest stinging insect solutions. When you pick us as your exterminator, you can guarantee that everyone in your house is going to be protected. We use products tested and approved by the EPA. As a result, you can sit back and relax while knowing everyone is going to be okay.

Preventing Invasions In The Future

Take steps to keep these stinging insects away from your home. One thing you can do is properly stain or paint the softwoods around your home. You can also try switching to hardwoods. Either way, carpenter bees are attracted to unpainted, unstained softwoods, so do something about it.

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