Conventional Treatment

Conventional TreatmentWe offer conventional bedbug services. We understand that you’re worried about the risks associated with pesticides. However, we’re going to take steps to protect you during and after the pesticide treatment. Our technicians follow precise guidelines based on the recent study from Purdue University. It was found that exterminators can effectively eliminate bedbugs using pesticides, but multiple visits were needed. Our technician will visit your home three times to guarantee that we eliminate all pests.

We follow the protocols below.

  • We’ll check the home three times.
  • During the first visit, we’ll treat the home for bedbugs.
  • Next, we’ll visit your home and check your home for bedbugs. We’ll also treat the home.
  • During the last visit, we’ll check the dwelling for bedbugs.
  • We always wait 2 to 3 weeks between visits to ensure any bedbug eggs have hatched.

Remember that our technicians only use products that are designed to kill bedbugs. In addition to this, we use these products safely to protect you.

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