Box Elder Bugs

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Boxelder bugs can be found in our state and city. Although they’re going to make your skin crawl, these overwintering pests are not dangerous. They are small, black pests that rarely grow over half an inch in length. They have flat wings with red lines on them. These pests feed on cherry trees, ash trees, maple trees, and boxelder trees.

Reasons You’ve Encountered Box Elder Bugs

Boxelder bugs are common overwintering pests in our area. Therefore, they’re trying to enter residences because they want to stay away from the cold temperatures. They are slim and small enough to slip through small cracks, gaps, and holes around your home. They’ll stay in the dwelling until the temperatures increase.

How Dangerous Can Box Elder Bugs Be?

Boxelder bugs are indeed a nuisance. Once hundreds of them have invaded your home, it is going to be difficult to relax. You won’t have any success trying to sleep comfortably. Sleep soundly knowing that the box elder bugs in your home cannot bite or make you sick. They aren’t going to damage your home either.

What Is The Best Way To Eliminate Boxelder Bugs?

When boxelder bugs find a way to invade your home, they’re going to stay put. They’ll find a place to hide and stay there. As a result, this makes it incredibly difficult to identify and eliminate them. As soon as you suspect boxelder bugs are in your home, pick up the phone and contact us. We believe this is the best way to remedy the problem. Our company’s residential pest control services are reliable, efficient, and convenient.

Eliminating Boxelder Bugs On Your Own

There are many do-it-yourself treatments for boxelder bugs, and you can find many of them online. Nevertheless, not all these techniques are effective or precise. It takes skill and expertise to wipe out an infestation of boxelder bugs. A lot of do-it-yourself solutions rely on chemicals that could be dangerous. Therefore, it is usually best to rely on the services we provide. We can eliminate boxelder bugs without exposing you, your loved ones, or our exterminators to dangerous materials.

We’ll Contact You Soon

When you find boxelder bugs in your home, do the right thing and call our local office. One of our friendly representatives will return your call within 24 to 48 hours.

EPA Approved Products & Safe Solutions

At the end of the day, your safety is our number one priority. Besides eliminating the pests, we want to make sure that you’re protected during each phase of the process. Our technicians follow precise protocols to ensure that the treatment is carried out effectively and safely. We use several products, but all of them are safe and effective. We only use products approved by the Environmental Protection Agency. Want to learn more about the ways we protect you? Call us and find out.

Preventing Invasions Of Boxelder Bugs

You must try to keep these pests out of your dwelling. They’re going to slip through the smallest cracks so make sure you seal all of them. Doing so will help, but these pests may still find a way inside.

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