Best Mattress Covers For Stopping Bed Bugs

As a homeowner, you do not need anyone telling you that a home is a huge investment. You are probably already feeling the financial strain of that monthly mortgage. However, what most people don’t think about are all the extra expenses and the expenses that continue to come even well after the home has been paid for. These are what people overlook and sometimes they’re the breaking point. Why would anyone go through this much trouble caring and paying for their home for years to only leave it carelessly unguarded? You may not think you have been doing this, but that’s exactly what you’ve been doing if you haven’t been utilizing bed bug mattress covers.

What Is A Bed Bug Mattress Protector?

This day and time, most people wouldn’t dream of sleeping with their front doors unlocked. Even people living in the safest of neighborhoods would second-guess this decision. Well, this is virtually what you have been doing if you haven’t been taking advantage of bed bugs mattress protectors. Bed bug toppers, mattress protectors, or encasements are commonly used to defend a home from bedbugs. You’ll hear these products referred to by various names by different individuals, but they are all the same product and designed around the same premise. That premise is to kill bed bugs that have invaded your mattress while also preventing new ones from taking up residence there. With nearly 90 percent of bed bug infestations occurring in the mattress, you can easily see the need for such products. When you think of a bed bug topper, you should think of a gigantic Ziploc bag because that’s essentially what these products are. They trap bugs that have already taken up residence in the mattress while also blocking new ones from making themselves at home there. The topper cuts the bug off from its food source, virtually starving it out. New studies show that bugs can only go two weeks without feeding. These products could be the preventive tools you need to safeguard your home to the fullest.

Choosing The Right Mattress Topper

One of the reasons you hear these products referred to by a variety of names is because there are so many different styles and designs. All come from different manufacturers as well and this can make things even more confusing. While designed with the same premise in mind, all these products are not created equal. Therefore, it pays to know what questions to ask when shopping for one of these products. Below, you’ll find tips for picking the best cover for your bedroom.

Does It Fully Encase

A Ziploc bag couldn’t protect your sandwich if it didn’t fully encase it, could it? No, and this same theory applies to the mattress topper. Ultimately, this step could be as simple as choosing the right sized topper for your mattress. If you have a queen-sized mattress, make sure you choose a queen-sized topper, so it fully encases the mattress. Failing to get the right size will lead to big issues in the future.

Does It Properly Seal?

If the topper fully encases your mattress but does not properly seal, it is virtually useless. Think about your sandwich sitting in a Ziploc bag that does not properly seal. Outside elements could still get in and out. Well, bed bugs could still get in and out of the topper as well. Therefore, the topper must offer a quality seal. Most of the best ones will feature reinforced seams, durable zipper mechanisms, and zipper seals that cover the zipper when intact. Be sure to consider these features when choosing one of the mattress toppers available to you.

Has It Been Tested?

Just because something seems good in theory doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll work in the field. Therefore, things are tested, tested, and tested again. This same theory should apply to the mattress topper. The best topper will be extensively tested in a variety of environments. Make sure it has been tested and approved by a qualified professional. A mattress topper that has been tested extensively and approved will be more likely to deliver satisfactory results.

Does It Include Toxins?

A lot of toppers are designed with plastic or polymer materials. There is nothing wrong with this, but these materials are sometimes created with toxins. While you can likely let them air out for a couple of days, it could delay the process. Ultimately, this is something you’ll want to be aware of before the initial installation and use. You must remember that you and your family will be sleeping with this product. You do not want to do anything that could potentially put you or them in danger. Make sure the mattress is free of toxins or has sufficiently been aired out.

Do Encasements Work?

When it comes to the validity of bed bug toppers, you’ll likely get varying opinions. Some people will say they are effective, while others will say they are completely useless. Part of the reason for this is because there is so much that can go wrong with them. One tiny rip, one small tear, or even an improperly installed product can all lead to malfunctions, rendering the product ineffective. Therefore it is best to confer with a professional when dealing with these products. They’ll not only help you choose the best products for your home, but they’ll install them while making sure they are free of defects.

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