Pest Control in Des Plaines IL

#1 Pest Control in Des Plaines, IL – Rodents/Rats/Bed Bugs/Cockroaches

If you talk to most homeowners about bug control or eliminating rodents, they really are never prepared for the process. In fact, most homeowners are squeamish when it comes to dealing with snakes, bed bugs, roaches, or even termites. Just the very thought of a bug will have them running in the other direction.

However, it doesn’t really matter when you do business with the top pest control company in the area, and that is exactly what we are. While we have been in business in the area for a number of years now, we are widely known throughout the surrounding areas for our utmost professionalism and expertise. If you need help eliminating rodents or just looking for some bug control, we are without a doubt your go to company and below you will learn why.

Providing Free Consultation, Advice, And Quotes

Do you fear that you have a bug control problem or need help eliminating rodents, but don’t have any ideal where to start or what you are dealing with? Well, that is no problem for the top pest control company. Simply, just give us a call, and we can dispatch out a qualified tech to your home for absolutely no charge. Our tech will evaluate the situation, examine the area, and provide you with a list of treatment options. In addition to this, we can answer any questions you have about bug control or eliminating rodents. Remember that there are no dumb questions; so don’t be afraid to ask our friendly tech anything.

In addition to this, it doesn’t matter how many homes you have. Our home inspectors can provide you with a variety of inspections for each home you own. We can even provide you with lawn care and home repairs advice and solution that will help you keep your yard and home free of critters in the future.

Providing Financing And Payment Options

We are a pest control company that has been in the pest extermination business long enough to know that dealing with bed bug is never an easy or cheap situation. However, what makes us different than most pest control companies is that we offer a variety of affordable options and solutions to your problems. If you are looking for a company in Chicago that can work within your budget, offer payment options, and give you the chance to finance your work, look no further than our pest control company. There really aren’t many control companies out there that are willing to work with the local public like we are.

Providing Services To The Local Community

If you have been a resident of the Des Plaines area you have probably seen our trucks or offices. In fact, we not only work out of the Des Plaines area, but most of our workforce resides within the local community. Not only do we live in and support the local community, but also we truly love it and the residents. While there are a variety of pest control companies in the area, none of them are going to treat the local residents like family. We truly want our customers and local residents to know that we are the top pest control company in the area and surrounding areas.

Providing Safe Bug Extermination To Chicago And The Surrounding Areas

When it comes to pest solutions in the Chicago, Illinois area there truly is a lot of options at your fingertips. However, our pest eliminators are trained to safely provide animal removal. Not only do we take your health and safety into concern, but also we try to preserve the life of any animal when we have the chance. We release snakes, squirrels, and other larger critters back in a safely and well-guarded area, so that they can live out a happy life. Not only does this allow us to support the local ecosystem, but also it ensures that this nuisance wildlife will never make its way back to your happy home.


Pest Management


We are a leading Chicago IL bed bug exterminator, home inspections, mice and rat removal and mosquito control service provider. We work together to make sure the residents of Illinois do not have to deal with stinging insects, rodents and other insects. We utilize environmental friendly pesticides to ensure your family’s safety. Whether we are tackling a pest infestation or occasional invader, we do it in a safe manner to protect you, your family and home from the risks associated with chemicals found in pesticides.


Benefits Of Hiring Our Pest Control Specialists


Our Chicago pest control service is topnotch and has proven to be very beneficial to hundreds of people over the years. We offer a wide range of services, including rodent control and wildlife removal.


  • Fully Insured – We are a fully insured Chicago exterminator that is conveniently located in the city. We have been serving Chicago for many years and have left many customers satisfied with our service.
  • Available 7 Days A Week – Not only is our West Chicago office is conveniently located, but also our pest and ant exterminators are available seven days a week. As business owners, we are also consumers so we know how important it is for this service to be accessible and available.
  • Affordable Services – Bed bug control and advanced maintenance and pest control services can be expensive. But, if you choose to work with our company, we will offer you maintenance and pest solutions at very affordable rates.
  • Employees Are Drug-Free – We also make sure our employees are working in a drug-free environment. We conduct random drug testing, without giving notice. Our employees know that they are prohibited from utilizing drugs or alcohol.


Contact Us Today!


Whether you are having difficulty with pest identification or attempting to eradicate an infestation, we are here for you. Our qualified team of professionals work extended hours to make sure they are available to people dealing with pests and rodents. When you contact our office, be sure to inquire about our free in-home inspections and written quote. This is the first place to start combating an infestation.