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Beetles are commonly found in our area, so you may encounter them at some point. Although they can be harmful, they’re usually helpful. If they are away from your home, leave them alone. They have two wing sets and bad eyesight. The United States is home to thousands of species, and each is a different size and color. Nevertheless, the most common species in our area include ground beetles, longhorn beetles, and powder post beetles. Although some are destructive, none of them are physically dangerous.

Why Are Beetles On Your Property?

Beetles tend to be attracted to the debris on your property. If you’ve left woodpiles, lumber piles, or leaf piles on your property, beetles will come. They prefer living around these items. They can also approach your home due to the lights coming from the windows and doors at night.

Are The Beetles On Your Property Dangerous?

Although the problems are immense, beetles are not going to hurt anyone. They’re primarily a nuisance. Certain species can create bigger problems because they’ll damage your home and belongings. For instance, powder post beetles can cause extreme damage to any wood furniture and structure.

How Can I Get Rid Of The Beetles?

Don’t delay trying to remedy this problem. Waiting is only going to make matters worse. However, it can be difficult to fix this problem without professional experience. Work with our experienced technicians because they’re done it before. They won’t have any problem doing it again. Get in touch with us as soon as you find beetles on your property and we’ll deal with it.

Can I Fix This Problem On My Own?

Trying to rectify this problem on your own will be highly unlikely. Although certain DIY methods can eliminate certain beetles, they must be used correctly. If they’re not, there could be health risks. Furthermore, they won’t fix the problem. For the best results, work with a qualified exterminator. We can eliminate the risks while ensuring the pests are dealt with promptly

When Can An Exterminator Arrive?

We sincerely hope we can help. Call our local office immediately and we’ll get back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

Is Your Beetle Treatment Safe?

Yes. We work diligently to ensure that our clients are protected from point A to point B. While we focus on eliminating the pests swiftly, our top priority is to keep you safe. We do not use any toxic materials in our clients’ homes. Instead, we’re going to use EPA-registered products that have been proven safe and effective. Our technicians know how to use these products effectively and safely. Contact our office so we can tell you more about the steps we’ll take to keep you safe.

How Much Will The Service Cost?

Ultimately, we can’t tell you exactly what we’ll charge until we’ve examined the situation. In many cases, we can remedy the problem using standard services. When we do, the price will be set based on the size of the structure. Don’t worry because we always provide reasonably priced services. Our technician will give you the bid price before the procedure begins.

Can I Prevent Future Infestations?

You can try keeping beetles out of your home, but you’ll likely fail at some point. Still, you should try. Be ready to call our office as soon as these pests enter your home.

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