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Brown marmorated stink bugs are common overwintering pests found in Chicago, Illinois. These invasive pests are native to Asia, but they reside in the United States and Canada. They’re called stink bugs because they release a terrible odor from the tiny glands near their thorax. When they’re crushed, handled, or scared, they’ll release this odor to defend themselves. The first stink bugs in America were found in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s. Today, they’re in most states including Illinois. They can reach three-quarters of an inch. Stinkbugs are brown or gray with a triangular back.

What Causes Stink Bug Infestations?

You’re likely curious to find out why these overwintering pests have decided to invade your home. Ultimately, it has to do with the fact that they’re overwintering pests. As a result, they want to invade your home before the cold temperatures arrive. These pests don’t want to get caught outside when it is cold because they can’t handle the cold weather. Therefore, they’re going to find a way to sneak into your home.

Are Stink Bugs Incredibly Dangerous?

Ultimately, stink bugs are not dangerous. These pests do not pose a danger to people or pets. Even when they enter your home, they’re not going to reproduce inside. Instead, they’ll try to leave when the temperatures increase. Don’t crush them or gran them. Doing so will cause them to release a stinky odor in your home.

Getting Rid Of The Stink Bugs In Your Home

You should work quickly to remove the stink bugs from your dwelling. Thankfully, there are several safe and effective ways to eliminate these pests. Although you can experiment with DIY methods, we argue that it is best to hire a professional. By working with a professional exterminator, you can guarantee that the problem can be dealt with swiftly and safely.

DIY Methods

You can try fixing the infestation using the latest DIY methods. Although these products will indeed eliminate stink bugs, dealing with an infestation will be harder than you could ever imagine. You might kill a few but getting rid of the infestation won’t be easy. Stick with professional solutions to guarantee satisfactory results.

Our Costs

Note that the price of our service will depend on several factors. If we can fix the problem using standard services, the price will be based on the size of your property. Our exterminator will give you a bid price after they’ve carefully checked your home. Once we’ve done that, you’ll decide whether you want to pay for our service.

When Can Someone Get Here?

We’re eager to begin helping you. When you want to reclaim your home from these pests, pick up the phone and call us. We’ll try getting back to you within 24 to 48 hours.

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