Carpenter Ants

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The carpenter ant is a type of ant that likes building nests on wood surfaces. They have six legs and two antennas. In addition to this, they have three other body parts. Carpenter ants are mostly black with a few reddish areas. When traveling across sidewalks and highways, they will travel in large groups undetected. Their strong mandibles allow them to chew through wood without any issues. Worker carpenter ants can reach half an inch while queen carpenter ants grow up to 5/8s of an inch.

Carpenter Ant Signs

Be sure to look for the following signs to confirm a carpenter ant infestation.

Sawdust – First, check for sawdust. It is often called frass. You might find small piles or trails.

Black Ants – Carpenter ants are large, black ants, so be sure to look for them in your home.

Listen – Listen carefully. You might be able to hear them moving around your home.

Swarmer Carpenter Ants

Look for carpenter ants with wings. If you find them, you’re dealing with warmer carpenter ants. It means the colony is well established and the ants are ready to build a new colony elsewhere.

What Causes Carpenter Ants?

It is possible for carpenter ants to invade your residence for numerous reasons. They start colonies in decay wood before moving to new wood. If you find carpenter ants in your home, the group is trying to build new colonies elsewhere. Ants want to be outside, but they enter homes to search for food. These pests are determined so they won’t stop until they find a way to enter your home.

How Dangerous Are The Carpenter Ants In Your Home?

Rest assured knowing that the carpenter ants in your home are usually not dangerous. They might damage your home though.

Eliminating A Pack Of Carpenter Ants

Don’t stop until you’ve removed the carpenter ants from your home. The best way to fix the problem is by signing up for our carpenter ant program. We can use the most effective treatments to wipe out every carpenter ant in your home.

Relying On DIY Methods

We recommend avoiding do-it-yourself methods because most are not reliable. You can try experimenting with them but you’re not going to achieve much. DIY methods can kill carpenter ants, but they may not eliminate the infestation. Incorrectly using and mixing these products could be incredibly dangerous.


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The Safest Treatments

We always work diligently to ensure that our clients are going to be protected during each phase of the treatment process. We require our technicians to follow strict protocols to ensure that everyone will be okay. They can use these products safely and reliably. The EPA-registered products we use won’t expose you to any health hazards.

Preventing Future Issues

It won’t be easy to stop these ants from entering your home again. You need to be ready to contact us. Once you’ve found them in your home, call us and we’ll eliminate the ants for you.

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