How Does Your Exterminator Check For Bed Bugs?

How do exterminators check for bed bugs? How do professional exterminators scan for bed bugs in a home? These are becoming more and more commonly asked questions in the Chicago, Illinois area. This is because these creepy crawlers have made a huge comeback in a big way. Not only are they back, but they are now more resilient and possess an unprecedented tenacity, unlike the pest industry as ever seen before. Therefore, it is best to tackle infestations as early as possible. In smaller, more confined infestations, the number of the bed bugs are smaller, resulting in a much more efficient extermination. Mild bed bug infestation can be eradicated with less complicated treatment methods, as compared to severe infestations. This is all well and good, but there are some major problems with the above scenario. One is smaller infestations are so much more difficult to detect. Bed bugs, in mild infestation are so difficult to detect. Therefore, most people don’t even know their property has been invaded until the numbers are far too great. It also does not help when the pests go out of their way to avoid human detection. They’ll take the road less traveled just to avoid human detection. It usually isn’t until the pests are pushing each other out into the open that homeowners notice them. Some might get lucky and spot a bed bug or two early on, but this is rare. All in all, you can likely see the need for expert detection methods. That is what today’s best Chicago exterminators are willing to offer. They combine modern cutting-edge technology with tried and proven inspection methods to detect bed bugs with the utmost precision in the most efficient ways possible. In addition to this, you’ll want to look for pest management firms that offer eco-friendly solutions. These solutions are much easier on the environment and more effective in some situations. Some of today’s top eco-friendly treatments include but are not limited to heat treatments, steam treatments, and cryonite. Why Hire Us!
  • We hire the best pest control experts in the Chicago industry
  • Our pest company is licensed with the State of Illinois
  • Our exterminators have completed accredited certification pest control courses
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  • Our bed bug management services include same-day, emergency, and appointment-only
  • We back our work with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee
  • We offer free written quotes and consultation services

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