The Garden of the Phoenix

The Garden of the Phoenix was built in the 19th century by the United States and Japan to acknowledge their relationship and as a place for visitors to study and be a part of Japanese traditions.

Over 120 years after the site was built, it was through a series of massive highs and lows, still reflecting U.S-Japan relations.

Health Reminders

While it’s outside, everyone is still advised to wear a mask to protect themselves from COVID-19 contact others visiting. If you are able, get vaccinated to ensure everyone’s safety.

It is Free to the Public

Jackson Park, Chicago, is one of the most significant landscapes located in Chicago, Illinois and across the entire country. Since it is one of the listed areas of the National Register of Historic Places and the Garden remains a significant and culturally-focused symbol of U.S-Japanese connections.

If you enjoy being outdoors, this is a peaceful and gorgeous outdoor space where you can move your muscles and have a game of frisbee playing with your pet. The park has this 12-petal lotus designed by Yoko Ono, which is risen from the remains of the burnt Phoenix Pavilion and symbolizes peace and prosperity. It was the first artwork she donated to Chicago and was erected in the park. The garden isn’t large, but it’s an incredibly peaceful spot next to the Museum of Science and Industry. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, this is a great location to practice contemplation and yoga.

The park’s access can be challenging because the park does not have a designated parking spot, which means you’ll need to park your vehicle from some distance before walking. Visit the park in the spring season, and you’ll witness the blossoming of cherry blossoms.

Foundation and Supporting the Future

The Garden of the Phoenix Foundation is a non-profit entity that carries out the 1893 commitment, which is a partnership together with Chicago Park District and other organizations to ensure that the promise made in 1893 to maintain the Garden of the Phoenix as an everlasting and unique area for visitors to learn about Japan and be a part of Japanese culture are fulfilled now and in the future. Osaka gate has been added to honor the Osaka-Chicago sister city-to-city connection. Pest Control Chicago

The Foundation is focusing on finalizing the framework plan and its numerous educational, revitalization, and sustainability initiatives by 2022.

Contact them at The address is 201 N. LaSalle St. 2500, Suite Chicago, IL.


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