What You Need To Know About Visiting Chicago

So you are thinking about visiting Chicago? Maybe you have relatives there or maybe you are just thinking about sightseeing in the city. Whatever the case might be this is truly a great place to visit. There are tons of amazing sights to see and lots of great food to get on your clothes. With that being said, there are some things that you need to know about the great city before you pay it a visit. Below you will learn some things about visiting Chicago that you probably did not already know.


Most people do not realize it, but Chicago does actually have beaches. Sure, they are covered in snow most of the time, but there are beaches there.

Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are a big favorite in Chicago. However, locals of Chicago hardly ever put ketchup on their hot dogs. So, if you are one of those people that love ketchup on your hot dog, you should expect to get some weird glances or maybe even some stares, when you whip out that ketchup packet.


Pizza is another big fan-favorite food in Chicago. However, it has always been a popular misconception that deep-dish pizza is all that is available. In fact, on a daily basis, more locals actually indulge on thin crust pizza. Whatever the case might be you should try out the pizza because it is deliciously amazing.


Winter is really bad in Chicago and this fact cannot be stressed enough. People might think that they know how bad the winter is from the news reports, but they actually do not have a clue until they are there during the winter. Winter actually runs from Halloween to St. Patrick’s Day. So, if you visit the great city during this time of year, be prepared for some big time snow and cold weather.

Parking Meters

If you intend on driving to Chicago or driving throughout the city, be ready to pay some expensive parking meter fees. The fees are so high because the city actually leases the meters out to a private company. Oh, and you better believe that they are going to catch you, if you are one second over the time limit.


If you plan on flying into the city through O’Hare airport, then you should be prepared for some issues. Just about everyone at some point and time has run into problems with this airport.