Comprehensive Overview Of Why You Should Hire Pest Control Services In Chicago

When first discovering an insect infestation in your home, you will become very upset. This is only a normal reaction that most every homeowner will exhibit, but this normally only occurs in first time experiences. If your home is being overtaken by mice or rats, you are going to need to hire a pest control service located in Chicago, Illinois.

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What to Look For?


Well, in order to determine, if you have a true rodent infestation, you will need to do a little investigating. The most common sign that represents the presence of a rat is feces. The rodents are well-known for leaving droppings everywhere they go, so you may find them behind your large appliances, near the garbage bin, or in your children’s bedrooms. While this may be a disturbing discovery, it is a fact that small rodents will scour throughout your entire home looking for food scraps.

Children are notable for leaving food crumbs everywhere they eat, so if they snack in their bedroom, then the mice will definitely visit that area.


Shelter and Hiding Places


Mice and rats are virtually nocturnal, which mean that they will do their business during the nighttime hours. Most individuals will sleep throughout the night, so they will not even be aware that a small rodent has visited their home. Most often than not, a small pile of feces will be the first the sign that a rodent is living within your home. Since rats are nocturnal, they will sleep throughout the day.

Mice like to hibernate during the daylight hours, so they will select dark, warm shelters, where they will be safe from discovery. It is not unusual for the mice to build a small burrow using whatever they can find in your home to create it. Their main goal is to remain discrete, so that you are not forced to take action to get rid of them.

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Disease Spreading Rodents


As disturbing as this may sound to you, rats are known for carrying 35 different diseases, which can be spread to humans. Most often the diseases are spread through the rat’s feces, urine, and saliva. If you or your family comes into contact with a mouse, you should immediately wash your hands with antibacterial soap. This will help to cut down the risk of the diseases spreading to everyone that resides within your home.

In order to take control of the situation, you will need to hire a pest control company located in the Chicago, Illinois area. These professional exterminators are capable of combating the smallest insect and the largest rodent. You can rest assured that you and your family will be in good hands, when hiring an experienced exterminator.



Almost everyone has spotted a cockroach somewhere during their lifetime. While the disgusting little insect can be a disturbing sight, they will most likely scurry away, when they hear you coming. Cockroaches are fairly smart insects, because they will do their business, when the home is dark and as soon as the lights are turned on, they will scurry away.

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Once a home is infested with roaches, it is nearly impossible to get rid of them. Treatment will be ongoing, which means that the homeowner is going to be spending lots of money on pesticides and roach baits. There are several different types of cockroaches including the Oriental, German, Brown-banded, and American. The American cockroach is slightly larger than the Oriental, but this does not make the other roaches any less intrusive.

While it may take a homeowner months or years to finally rid their home of these pests, a professional pest control service provider in Chicago is capable of eradicating them within a few days.


Bed Bugs

Another insect that can overtake a home within a matter of days is the bed bug. This insect is classified as a parasite, because they feed on humans and animals. Bedbugs are often reported to infest commercial business establishments such as motels, resorts, and college dorms. The main reason for this is because these establishments have an open-door policy. With so many visitors coming and going on a daily basis, it is nearly impossible to prevent a bedbug infestation from occurring.

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The common ant is another very common unwanted visitor that will enter your home and refuse to exit. A female ant is capable of producing up to 1,600 eggs each day and may be able to survive up to 7-years. With this being said, a few ants can take up residence in your home and within a few days, the small number will exceed into the hundreds or thousands. While many homeowners will undertake the task themselves to get rid of the insects, it is almost an impossible thing to accomplish.

While the fire ant is the most dangerous type, the common ant can still leave its devastating mark. A professional extermination crew will know exactly what to do in this situation, which is why you need to rely on them. Instead of spending months trying to get rid of the thousands of ants that are hiding within your home, you should call an exterminator, so they can combat this problem within a few days or less.

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Treatment Options

If you are known for procrastinating, then you are going to be in a world of hurt, when it comes to taking on these rodents, vectors, and insects. You will find a large array of pesticides, insects, traps, and detergents available on today’s market that is very effective. While you can find and purchase the products within a few minutes, the treatment process will not be that easy. As a matter of fact, it may take several weeks or months to actually rid your home of these critters, which most homeowners are not willing to accept. Your best option will be to hire a professional pest control company that does business in the Chicago area. These experts know exactly what needs to be done to eradicate the pests, so you can return to your normal routine, as soon as possible.

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