Mosquito Control

What You Need To Know About Our Mosquito Control Services In Chicago

Mosquitos are insects that typically frequent damp, humid areas. However, it is not unusual to see them in all types of environments. If you dealing with a mosquito infestation, it is likely that you have tried to treat it to no avail. Sometimes mosquito infestations are so severe that conventional methods and over-the-counter insecticides are ineffective. We are conveniently located in the Windy City of Chicago and serve residential, commercial and industrial establishments.

What Is An Inspection?

When you contact our office, a customer service representative will recommend an in-home inspection. We do not recommend this service to get more money out of you, because we offer it to all of our customers for free. We highly recommend an in-home inspection prior to treatment, since it allows us to determine if you have a genuine problem with mosquitos.

Our in-home inspection process takes roughly an hour, give or take a few minutes. During the process, a technician will thoroughly inspect your property and the exterior, looking for signs of a mosquito infestation. If you have been tormented by mosquitos, it is likely that you have bug bites on the areas of your body that are exposed. However, it is not unusual for mosquitos to bite through thin fabric, which means you may have bites on unexposed areas as well.

Treatment Options

Once we determine your property is infested with mosquitos, the technician will immediately offer you a few treatment options. You can either choose one of these treatments or a combination of two or more. If your mosquito infestation is mild, a single treatment will potentially eradicate the problem. Moderate to severe infestations require more drastic measurements, which typically include a combination of treatments.

Why Hire Us!

As one of the top extermination companies in Chicago, we are fully qualified to deal with all types of infestations. However, our specialty is mosquito infestation. Other reasons why you should hire us include:

  • We operate a drug-free company.
  • Our employees are fully trained, before setting out on their own.
  • We are licensed with the state of Chicago.
  • Our prices are competitive and affordable.
  • We provide each customer with a fully descriptive contract.
  • We have a combined 30 years of experience in extermination services.

Contact Us Today!

We work long hours to help the people of Chicago deal with their mosquito problems. We highly recommend contacting us without further delay, as a small mosquito problem can turn into a severe infestation in a matter of days.