Hyde Park

Hyde Park is the 41st of the 77 community areas of Chicago, Illinois. It is located on the shore of Lake Michigan 7 miles (11 km) south of the Loop. Hyde Park’s official boundaries are 51st Street/Hyde Park Boulevard on the north, the Midway Plaisance (between 59th and 60th streets) on the south, Washington Park on the west, and Lake Michigan on the east. According to another definition, a section to the north between 47th Street and 51st Street/Hyde Park Boulevard is also included as part of Hyde Park, although this area is officially the southern part of the Kenwood community area. The area encompassing Hyde Park and the southern part of Kenwood is sometimes referred to as Hyde Park-Kenwood, which includes the neighborhoods of East Hyde Park and Indian Village.

Hyde Park is home to several institutions of higher education; among these are the University of Chicago, Catholic Theological Union, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, and McCormick Theological Seminary. The community area is also home to the Museum of Science and Industry, and two of Chicago’s four historic sites listed in the original 1966 National Register of Historic Places (Chicago Pile-1, the world’s first artificial nuclear reactor, and Robie House). In the early 21st century, Hyde Park received national attention for its association with U.S. President Barack Obama, who, before running for president, was a Senior Lecturer for twelve years at the University of Chicago Law School. Hyde Park is also home to the Barack Obama Presidential Center which is being built in Jackson Park.

It was the site of the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, home to former President Barack Obama, an incubator for Nobel Prize winners history is made in Hyde Park. This culturally rich neighborhood is bookended by two of the city’s most significant institutions — the University of Chicago to the west and the Museum of Science and Industry to the east. The largest science museum in the Western Hemisphere, the Museum of Science and Industry boasts more than 2,000 exhibits — from U-boats and airplanes to coal mines and tornados. It’s also housed in one of the last remaining buildings from the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893, which was held in neighboring Jackson Park. Pest Control Chicago

Restaurants and Pubs

  • Daley’s Restaurant is located at 6257 S Cottage Grove Ave, Chicago, IL
  • Bridgeport Restaurant is located at 3500 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL
  • Seven Bar and Restaurant is located at 400 E Randolph St, Chicago, IL
  • Kasey’s Tavern is located at 701 S Dearborn St, Chicago, IL


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