Chicago Riverwalk

Chicago Riverwalk Chicago Riverwalk is a multi-functional public space located at the South Bank of Chicago, Illinois, which extends beyond Lake Shore Dr, Lake Michigan, up to Lake Street. Chicago Riverwalk is housed in cafes, bars, and restaurants. There are restaurants, cafes, and bars. Chicago Riverwalk is a popular place for locals, downtown workers, and tourists who want to enjoy multi-functional accessibility and art for the public. Chicago Police and Chicago Fire Department have also come up with the following safety guidelines to ensure that your visit is enjoyable for everyone and safe from health hazards.

Safety Reminders and Tips From Chicago Riverwalk

The City of Chicago Riverwalk is pleased to let its doors open for the public to enjoy the riverwalk despite the risk of COVID-19. Masks, as well as social distancing, are mandatory for visitors. Everyone is asked to respectfully adhere to the rules according to the guidelines of the local, state, and national government officials.

Notifying 911 of an incident is recommended when you suspect any threatening or public-interest event.

Pets are welcome. However, they must be leashed within the area. Skateboarding and riding bikes on the Riverwalk are not permitted. Smoking along the waterfront is not allowed as there are designated areas where smoking is allowed in public.

Explore Chicago Riverwalk

Art for public viewing is available through the Chicago Riverwalk where it includes more than 500 works of art displayed in more than 150 municipal facilities all over the city. It is part of the Public Art Program and contains exhibits on the Chicago Riverwalk. Apart from the breathtaking views of skyscrapers designed by architects, they enhance the modern and urban style of the city.

Community Marketplace is also present in Chicago Riverwalk. Colores Mexicanos, Chiya Chai, Neighborly, and Peach’s on the River kiosks are also offered. The goal of this initiative is to allow small, local businesses a chance to showcase their offerings to a broad range of customers.

Upcoming and Current Events

Save October 31st to plan the first Riverwalk Fall Festival and enjoy Chicago autumn like never before. There will be celebrations for businesses celebrating Octoberfest and fun at harvest time and music of the Riverwalk, Halloween events, cruises, and many more!

Between October 17 and the end of October, Chicago Riverwalk provides activities which include Chicago in Tune, Music in the Key of Chicago along Sounds of the Riverwalk, which takes place on Sundays from 1 pm to 22:30 after 2:30. Be entertained and take a stroll through The Confluence Between Lake Street and Franklin and take in a free concert series. The performers are part of the Department of Cultural Affairs. Pest Control Chicago

Island Party Hut will be scheduled on Saturdays beginning September 25, until Halloween. This year’s event is a brand new Floating Hay Ride, so do not miss out! Its Floating Tiki bar will depart at the lakefront to take a short trip and offer a spectacular panorama of the city’s towering skyline.

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Address: 2 North LaSalle St. Floor 2 Chicago, IL



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