A Thorough And In Depth Overview Of All Termite Inspection Companies

Many homeowners will take the time to do a complete inspection in and around their home bi-annually. As soon as a termite infestation is discovered, it will be time to take action to get rid of them. Termites can definitely cause a lot of destruction no matter where they are, which is why you should not delay the treatment process. Below you will discover an in depth overview of termite inspection companies located in the Chicago area.


Destruction beyond Repair


There are several different types of termites, but the Subterranean just happens to be the most destructive. While it may be difficult for a homeowner to actually determine which type of termite they are dealing with, but an expert exterminator will know immediately. It has been determined that these pests cause over $2 billion worth of damage each year to American homes. This is a devastating effect that will require a lot of revenue and special treatment to repair and prevent more damage from occurring.


Termite Capabilities


A termite is capable of breaking down dead trees that are found in the environment. The insect will breakdown and digest the wood, then the biomass products are introduced back into the environment as humus. If the termites did not complete the process, then there would be a lot of dead trees standing around that would potentially become a harbor for bacteria and fungus growth.


While no one wants these insects to visit their home and take up residence there, they are very beneficial to the environment.


Years of Work


Your home may be infested by termites right now and you are not even aware of it. It may take a group of termites several years to breakdown structural pallets or foundations. Once these materials are damaged, the home will become a real hazard for those that are living inside of it. The only way to be sure that your home is free of these critters is to do a thorough inspection or hire an extermination company to do it for you. This should be repeated annually or bi-annually, in order to stay one step ahead of the wood eating termites.


Ant or Termite


For homeowners that have never dealt with a termite infestation before, you may mistake them for ants. Well, there is one significant difference and that is the termites have wings and ants do not. A lot of homeowners are able to determine that they have an infestation, just by looking around their windowsills, where they discover reminisce of dead termite carcasses and wings.


There is one important fact to remember is the fact that some of the reproductive may not have wings, which means that you will need to take a closer look that the insect’s body. The wingless termite’s body will have a grayish-white appearance and a yellowish/brown head.




It is important to note that termites are capable of digging tunnels underneath your home and in wooden structures, so be sure to look for these, when you are doing your investigation. Pest controls companies offer termite inspection services to all customers living in Chicago.

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